Fast, right from the start!

Preloaded - Ready to Go out of the Box

The KTS 340 is ready to use, meaning the Software is already installed and licensed.
The KTS 340 Base Kit includes a 12 months subscription period with Updates (registration necessary). Those Updates are Online and with a DVD. The Updates include additional vehicle coverage and Software enhancements.

In order to install further updates, you need to license your KTS 340 with your personal ESI[tronic] Customer No. and Password in the next 30 days.
If not yet done, please fill out the Registration request form, which came with your KTS and fax or mail it to Bosch Customer Service.

Follow 6 simple steps to be ready to install your Updates

Step 1 (Important!)

Save your packing slip. It contains your Customer No. and Password

Step 2

Install the ESI[tronic] Startcenter Software on your PC or Laptop

Step 3

Connect your KTS 340 to the PC - go to the Startcenter Menu Licensing Online

Step 4

Log on for Licensing by entering your ESI[tronic] customer no. and your personal password (see Step 1)

Step 5

Select your available ESI[tronic] license and generate your personal KTS 340 License Code

Step 6

Update your KTS 340 if a newer Software Release is available either via DVD (you will get this via mail) or Online.