First place for Bosch KTS 340

Nine mobile units in the neutral test:
First place for Bosch KTS 340 diagnosis tester in current Dekra benchmark test

  • Extensive diagnostic functions, wide range of vehicles
  • Software-controlled multiplexer to connect the control units
  • Clear, simple operating concept

In the current benchmark test carried out by the inspection body Dekra, the new Bosch KTS 340 compact control unit diagnosis tester emerged as the test winner. In what has become its third largest benchmark test with diagnosis units, the workshop experts from Dekra carefully examined nine mobile hand-held diagnosis units. The units had to demonstrate their worth on ten passenger car models. In order to recreate everyday situations in an independent automobile workshop, the test fleet included a Chrysler 300C and a Hyundai Sonata, alongside common models such as BMW 316, VW Golf, Opel Vectra and Mercedes A 180.

Dekra testers heaped particular attention on the wide range of vehicles and control units and the extensive diagnosis functions
According to the Dekra testers' verdict, the Bosch KTS 340 clearly earned its place at the top of the pack. In particular, they praised the comprehensive diagnostic functions and the wide range of vehicles and control units covered by the tester. All test vehicles and their control units were definitively detected by the KTS 340. Additional points were also awarded for availability on most test vehicles of the option of electronically resetting the service display. The Dekra testers also favorably marked the function for automatically retrieving the total error memory. The testers concluded by saying that Bosch is well on its way to achieving its goal of producing a universal tester for all vehicles.

Simple connection to vehicle diagnostic plug
The latest tester from the Bosch KTS diagnosis tester family also won over the judges thanks to its comprehensive fittings that are suitable for workshops. An integrated mutiplexer, which is controlled by the Esitronic software, connects the various control units of the different manufacturers to the tester. Additional adapters are not required. The equipment is future-proof thanks to an OBD exchange adapter. If, in the future, the hardware requirements for the diagnosis communications interface should change, the exchange adaptor can easily be changed.

The KTS 340 picked up further points for its easy-to-read 8.4-inch touchscreen display, which is simple to operate via the operator's hand. The operating concept using the Bosch Esitronic workshop software was also judged favorably. The vehicle only needs to be identified once and the details about all types of information are available in Esitronic workshop. It is easy to switch between the various applications. Frequently used standard information such as vehicle information, diagnostic plug installation location or maintenance information can also be retrieved with just one click. This way the KTS 340 helps the workshop mechanic by providing efficient, cost-effective troubleshooting and immediate and direct access to information required for carrying out repairs.

For diagnosis, troubleshooting, maintenance and service
Therefore, the KTS 340 offers much more than the functions examined as part of the Dekra test, which was limited to just control unit diagnosis. In addition to the diagnostic functions that were tested, all the information stored in the Esitronic workshop software package required for troubleshooting and maintenance and service work, including technical service information, is installed on the KTS 340. This means that the information is directly available at the vehicle. Furthermore, a two-channel multimeter is also integrated into the KTS 340 for troubleshooting and is compatible with the Bosch CASplus software program.

Whatever your requirements, there is a Bosch KTS device to suit your needs
For workshops where the need is solely for a device to carry out simple control unit diagnosis directly on the vehicle, there is the Bosch KTS 200 — a very easy-to-use and cost-effective device. The KTS 200 is also equipped with the complete Esitronic control unit diagnosis software and a multiplexer. In terms of vehicle coverage, depth of diagnosis and quality of diagnosis, the KTS 200 is hot on the heels of the KTS 340.